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Pirathon produces a range of full bodied Shiraz (Syrah) encompassing the great flavour, texture and structure of the north-western Barossa. Pirathon is highly awarded wine brand with many medals and trophies won at wine competitions around the world.



“Pirathon” is an ancient word meaning prince, peak, summit etc and was an ancient city located in the current state of Israel. We were fascinated by the name “Pirathon” as it's quite different sounding than other wine brands. The North-Western Barossa is well known for its Shiraz grapes and we came up with the idea of putting a map of North-Western Barossa on the label along with using an arrow on the label. In the original design, the arrow was pointing North but we thought an arrow will go well with the “Pirathon” meaning of peak/summit so we then decided to turn the arrow 45 degrees to the left so that it is pointing to the North-West. The arrow was then stylised and coloured. We then put all the components together to form the final Pirathon label – A map of North-Western Barossa highlighted by the stylised arrow pointing to the North-West which all corresponds with the meaning of the word.

In essence, Pirathon is an ancient word for pinnacle and we believe Shiraz is the pinnacle grape of the Barossa and that the north-western Barossa is the pinnacle sub-appellation for Shiraz.


The Team

Originally set up by the Kalleske family the Pirathon brand was sold in late 2017 and has continued to go from strength to strength. The Kalleske family created an excellent brand and award-winning wine with Pirathon Wines. Our aim is to further support this excellent foundation to ensure the business grows organically and sustainably over the long term.

Meet the team making this happen.


Adam Clay - Winemaker

The new Pirathon Winery, located in Vine Vale, is complete and was used for the 2021 vintage. The winery construction was led by Winemaker Adam Clay who has over 20 years of winemaking experience including 10 years at Penfolds in the Barossa Valley.

“The winery has been built with quality, efficiency and sustainability in mind and will allow us to not only increase production of our well known wine brands but also the quality. The winery team can’t wait for the 2021 harvest to start so we can get in and play with all the new equipment.”


Tony Marshall - Viticulturist

Pirathon has also purchased a 20-hectare vineyard in the heart of the Marananga sub region of the Barossa Valley. The vineyard is well known locally for producing high grade Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Tony Marshall, Pirathon’s Viticulturist has worked in the Barossa for over 10 years at Penfolds and Peter Lehmanns says

”With the strength of the Pirathon brand continuing to grow the logical next step was to purchase our own vineyard so we have more control in grape and wine quality.”

Tony will also work closely with our growers who have continued with us from the previous owners.


Adam Skelton – Sales and Marketing

Sales is lead by Adam Skelton who has been working with our domestic and international distributors to ensure a smooth transition.

“The Pirathon brand is highly regarded by consumers and is seen as great value for the quality of wine produced. We aim to not only continue with these relationships but build upon for long term success.”


Michael Grill – Operations Manager

Michael’s focus is to improve operations efficiency so sustainable profitability is always guaranteed and the business can operate to its full potential.

“Forecasting and budgeting are important aspects of this role. We need to ensure everything runs smoothly so we have enough capacity to handle the high volumes requested from our customers.”